Delivery Partners

Delivery Partners are organizations whose mission and activities align with the Platform, and who commit to a longer-term collaboration beyond the participation of a single project on the Platform. 


Michigan Saves is the nation’s first nonprofit green bank dedicated to making energy improvements easy and affordable for all Michigan energy consumers. Our green bank model is made possible by partnerships with private-sector lenders and energy providers, which allow us to make innovative, affordable financing available for energy-efficiency and renewable energy projects.

Quantified Ventures is an outcomes-based capital firm that drives transformative health, social, and environmental impact.

Leveraging deep content expertise and extensive capital relationships, we plan, finance, and develop transformative projects and programs that create health, social, and environmental impacts for a growing array of public and private organizations.

The mission of OAQDA is to improve air quality by supporting businesses, creating jobs and improving communities while enhancing the health and safety of all Ohioans. Its primary purpose is to contribute to cleaner air in Ohio by assisting Ohio businesses to invest in air quality through the provision of conduit financing for the purchase, construction and/or installation of air quality facilities.

Based on financial innovation and operational flexibility, SOFIAC (Société de financement et d’accompagnement en performance énergétique) helps commercial and industrial sector businesses increase their profitability and competitiveness while contributing to the necessary energy transition. SOFIAC enables energy efficiency project development, financing, and implementation thanks to an innovative business model that allows clients to benefit immediately from a portion of financial savings generated by reduced energy consumption due to project implementation.

For over 30 years, BLX has developed streamlined processes and software applications to deliver various regulatory compliance solutions.  BLX advises clients in the municipal and non-profit sectors, including state and local governments and a variety of debt issuers and conduit borrowers. Its practice areas include ESG / Sustainable Finance Consulting, Arbitrage Rebate, Post-Issuance Compliance, Continuing Disclosure, Debt Advisory, Swap Advisory, Swap Monitoring: Valuation and GASB 53/72, Structured Investment Product Bidding, Escrow Bidding, and Program Administration. BLX is registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board (MSRB) as a municipal advisor.

Benefits of being a Delivery Partner

Positive publicity

Positive publicity as an enabler of impact investments in the region

Logo recognition

Logo recognition and a description of your organization and relevant programs on the Platform website, in presentations and print materials

Showcase projects

Showcase projects in Platform newsletters, webinars and other communications

Enroll Third-Party Projects

Ability to directly enroll third-party projects in the Platform and serve as the reporting entity

Satisfy Multiple Reporting Requirements

Satisfy multiple reporting requirements with one data submission using the Platform’s reporting framework and environmental metrics developed by The Nature Conservancy for your projects or those of your members.

Use the Platform's Logo, Brand, and Name

Ability to use the Platform’s logo, brand and name vis-à-vis projects participating in the Platform

Responsibilities of being a Delivery Partner

Accelerate the Mainstreaming of Impact Investing

Alignment with the Platform’s goals to protect and restore water and accelerate the mainstreaming of impact investing

Enroll and Refer Relevant Projects

Enroll relevant projects on the Platform, or refer them for enrollment

Commitment to use the Platform's Reporting Framework

Commitment to use the Platform’s reporting framework and environmental metrics when submitting a project

If your organization is interested in becoming a delivery partner, please email us at to request more information.

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