Agroforestry Demonstration Farms


The Savanna Institute is developing a network of agroforestry demonstration farms in Wisconsin and Illinois. We will convert these farms from conventional row crop agriculture to diversified, regenerative agroforestry. These practices will sequester carbon, promote biodiversity, improve environmental outcomes, and demonstrate the economic viability of perennial crops to regional farmers.



  • Nutrient Reduction
  • Carbon sequestration
  • Protection and restoration of streams and wetlands

Email Contact: Patrick Michaels

Baileys Mountain Biking Trail System


The Baileys Mountain Biking Trail System will restore an abandoned mine and develop an 88-mile single-track, multiuse, human powered trail system on the Wayne National Forest.



  • Environmental certification of land
  • Nutrient reduction
  • Carbon sequestration

Email Contact: Todd Appel


If you are interested in participating in the Great Lakes Impact Investment Platform, please contact the Conference staff. The Platform project team includes experts in environmental metrics, project design, and public policy that can assist with developing and implementing projects. Participation in the Platform is completely free and voluntary.

Developers of investment products and strategies participating in the Platform are not affiliated in any way with the Conference of Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Governors and Premiers, the States, or Provinces and the developers are solely responsible for the management of those investment opportunities and strategies.