Helping to connect projects, investors and the Great Lakes community for the benefit of our environment.

The Platform

About the Platform

In collaboration with a multidisciplinary project team, the Conference of Great Lakes St. Lawrence Governors & Premiers has developed the Great Lakes Impact Investment Platform (the Platform) in order to promote environmentally sustainable economic growth in the Great Lakes States and Provinces.

This geographically-specific, impact-focused investment platform is innovative and among the first of its kind. Our cross-border platform represents an unprecedented model that can be applied to natural resources across the globe.

Working to create benefits for participants, investors and residents of the Great Lakes St. Lawrence region

The Platform features various investment products intended to deliver demonstrable impact and revitalize the region’s waters, while also aimed to generate competitive, market-based financial returns.

Environmental and Social Goals Include:

20% Reduction

of nutrient inputs to sensitive watersheds

10% Improvement

in energy efficiency for water utilities

10-15% Reduction

in emissions resulting from less energy use, sustainable forestry, and nutrient management

Four Themes of the Platform:


Our platform offers an innovative opportunity across the forestry value chain, which is tied towards specific, watershed-based environmental goals. These focus areas include land conservation, sustainable timber production, carbon sequestration, water resources management, and recreation.

Smart Water Systems

The region’s diversified industry, along with its population of over 100 million people, depend on the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence for water supply and wastewater discharge. Within different investment strategies, smart water systems offer attractive benefits that moderate risk and generate long-term cash flows while improving efficiency and reducing waste.


Improving on-farm management of water represents a currently under-realized opportunity in the region and the Platform offers opportunities for sustainable agriculture production and agtech. “Smart Drains” satellite-based irrigation and, in some instances, conversion to regenerative production can reduce water withdrawals, energy use, and capital costs while improving crop yields or returns.


The Platform features a range of projects in energy that aim to improve efficiency and reduce emissions. Focus areas include high-efficiency equipment and technologies, renewable energy generation, storage, incentives to reduce energy use, and other opportunities.

Diverse investment opportunities exist in each theme and will be integrated into investment strategies that focus on the
Great Lakes St. Lawrence region.

Performance Metrics:

Platform projects may report annual or lifetime environmental performance.

The following impacts were reported for 2020 and 2021.


Tons of Carbon Reduced and Stored


Forest and Farm Land – Certified Acres


Kilowatts of Energy Saved


Pounds of Nutrients Reduced


Gallons of Water Saved

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