Fostering the long-term, sustainable management of our region’s waters.

The Great Lakes St. Lawrence region holds 20% of the world’s surface freshwater. If it were its own country, the region would be the world’s third-largest economy, generating about $6 trillion annually.

The Platform

Encouraging environmental sustainability alongside economic growth

In collaboration with a multidisciplinary project team, the Conference of Great Lakes St. Lawrence Governors & Premiers has created the Great Lakes Impact Investment Platform (the Platform) in order to promote environmentally sustainable economic growth in the Great Lakes States and Provinces.

The Opportunity

A uniquely positioned Platform

This geographically-specific, impact-focused investment platform is among the first of its kind. Our cross-border platform represents an unprecedented model that can be applied to natural resources across the globe.


Exploration of the Platform at work

The Platform considers environmental and social impacts when developing actionable steps to transform goals into actuality across four themes– forestry, smart water systems, agriculture, and energy. The Platform’s project team includes experts in environmental metrics, project design, and public policy that can assist with developing and implementing projects.


Contact us to learn more about the Platform and how to participate.

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